3 Insane AI Search engines better than ChatGPT


You are well aware of the limitations of ChatGPT, that it is incapable of generating factual information. Any article written by ChatGPT is rarely reliable enough for that fact.

ChatGPT has a limitation that it can scroll over the latest information

Also, you pay $20/month as a premium for using ChatGPT. Is it worth?

Say hello to new search engines in the market that can find you more factual information.

1. You.com

AI search is a combination of search engines like google but also generate text like ChatGPT.

First, you need to get used to the new interface because we are so used to seeing how Google displays results. But then Your search helps you with almost everything that Google and ChatGPT does for you.

AI that can answer general questions, explain things, suggest ideas, translate, summarize text, compose emails, and write code for you. Powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing, allowing human-like conversations. It is constantly learning from vast amounts of information on the internet.

We made a deep dive into other AI features of you.com below article you might not know.

YOU.com AI is the new Google, ChatGPT, MidJourney, and Code Writer combined

2. Perplexity.ai

It provides the references of the websites from which it is composing its answers and not artificially generating like ChatGPT.

The ability to ask a follow-up question is a huge advantage that makes perplexity.ai our favorite and a tough competitor to google.

Text to SQL is another feature of perplexity.ai that we have covered in our YouTube channel.

It also has a chrome extension that makes it more accessible from your browser.

3. PHIND.com

I still need to test more, but looks promising, especially while searching for code snippets as a developer. Phind.com Unlock the power of AI Search with Phind. The ultimate tool for developers and tech enthusiasts.

Get instant, accurate answers to even the most complex questions with simple explanations and relevant code snippets sourced straight from the web. Phind is driven by cutting-edge, proprietary AI language models, making it the smartest and most efficient way to find information. No more wasting time scouring the web for answers. Phind makes finding information as effortless and informative as having a conversation with a friend.

4. New Bing

You might know already this. Super-charging boring Bing with ChatGPT. Still not generally available. But if you tried ChatGPT you know it all.

Our pick

It was difficult to pick anyone at this moment, as the AI search tech is still evolving.

If you direct alternative to google search: Perplexity.ai
If you want to generate text similar to ChatGPT: 
Not the best, but combination above features: https://phind.com/search?q=sick+leave+email+to+boss

It appears that Google is feeling pressure from the rising popularity of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This advanced chatbot has taken the technology industry by storm in recent months thanks to its ability to provide users with the information they’re seeking in an easily understandable format. According to The New York Times, Google sees ChatGPT as a potential threat to its search business and, as a result, has shifted its plans and accelerated its artificial intelligence development. The report suggests that Google CEO Sundar Pichai has declared a “code red” and the company is preparing to unveil a minimum of 20 AI-powered products and a new chatbot for its search engine this year, some of which are expected to be presented at Google’s I/O conference in May. This move signals Google’s commitment to staying ahead in the race of AI development.

With the constant advancements in AI technology, the competition between companies is fierce, and it’s exciting to see what the future holds. We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic, so leave a comment below and let us know your predictions for the future of AI!

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